Turkey-less: A Thanksgiving Recap

This was my first Thanksgiving without turkey. It was also my first Thanksgiving weekend that I wasn’t in my hometown, with my whole extended family crowded around our dining room table, so it didn’t even seem all that weird to go turkey-less, to be honest.

Since my family was meeting in Halifax for Thanksgiving this year, we ended up eating at restaurants instead of in dining rooms, and cleaning my sister’s apartment instead of watching football & talking with the extended family. It was all at once odd and yet oddly wonderful.

We didn’t do much of anything, really, other than shop. Just so you know, it’s lovely shopping with parents when they’re experiencing empty next syndrome — all they want to do is buy things for you!

I got a new pair of sneakers [Nike Free Run+]

Four — yes, four! — new bras

And some delicious ginger treats, like Propeller Ginger Beer


As well as a dark chocolate ginger cluster from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Co.

Yes, I realize that it looks like a little turd with a yellow jelly thing on the top, but I’m so excited about it that I don’t want to eat it because then it will be gone.

As an aside, have I ever mentioned that I’m a food hoarder?

After lots of food, lots of being made fun of for not eating meat, and a fair amount of fun for a short two days with my family, I made the two-hour trek back home to my husband. Of course, I only got to see him for a short while before he had to head to work, but whatever.

While I was in Halifax, my brother presented me with a bit of a surprise: he had made an incredible DVD of our wedding! We decided against a videographer and instead spent our money on just a [better-than-fantastic] photographer, but our church has a tripod set up at the back of the church to record the Sunday services, and so we ended up just turning that camera on and recording it, just to have. The sound was recorded straight from the system, and then Christopher matched the audio with the video so that it would be timed perfectly. Not only did he do that, but he took the concert that we had before our wedding [with a full band of professional musicians & vocalists — the best we know & are proud to call our close friends] and broke it up by song in a separate menu — so that we can go into a “songs” category and pick through to whichever of the hour’s-worth of songs to view the live music video! It’s absolutely phenomenal! The video quality obviously isn’t perfect — it’s just a little camcorder — but I love that we have the video to look back on, especially since the day goes by so quickly that I don’t remember half of the things that happened!

We spent half an hour watching the ceremony back before Joey had to head to work, and I went to my place of work shortly thereafter for the evening.

Little did I know that at the end of my shift, I would be joined at home by two lovely ladies …

Joey was working the night shift, so Alyssa & Katie decided to stay the night at my place, with Chelsea joining in all night long via skype. We watched Beauty & the Beast … or at least it was playing, and someone might have watched it; I fell asleep rather quickly once we actually got into bed.

Despite the mounds of homework I had wanted to finish this weekend, I decided to go to a Thanksgiving dinner to which our friend Jillian’s parents had invited all of us. It was fantastic — turkey, ham, potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnip, carrots & peas, stuffing, pickles & beets, and desserts galore! I had a big plate of veggies, and lots of pickled beets. They’re pretty much my favourite! I had a few little dessert samples too, instead of taking one big piece of one thing. There was a lemony pie-type dessert that I decided to partake in, a small piece of drumstick dessert [whipped creamy/ice creamy/peanut buttery/chocolatey deliciousness on a graham cracker crust], and a shortbread cookie! They also gave me two little dessert plates of stuff to take home — more lemony dessert for Joey, little squares [Joey’s favourite treat ever], lots of shortbread cookies, and pumpkin pie!


When I got back home after my first official turkeyless Thanksgiving dinner, I spent some time upstairs chatting with the girls and not doing my homework. Eventually I just decided that I would forgo the homework for tonight, and worry about it tomorrow night. I’m enjoying yet another relaxing night right now, but tomorrow certainly will not be quite so relaxing. I’m just not going to think about that now, however, and enjoy my night!

Joey gets home in half an hour from work, and we’ll finally be able to spend a bit of time together … so what if we’re sleeping during that time? We’ll take what we can get! :)


Give me one strange thing about your weekend [whether it was your Thanksgiving or not] … GO.