Spaghetti-less Tuesday

Much like my turkey-less Thanksgiving, today I am celebrating a weekly holiday without the food that more or less represents it. This time, I’m missing Spaghetti Tuesday, because I didn’t do one lick of homework all Thanksgiving weekend. I have a lot to get finished for tomorrow, and just can’t go, knowing that I won’t be home until ten o’clock [after Glee] and wouldn’t ever be able to get everything finished that late at night.

Luckily I was still served some of what they’ll be eating at SpagTues …


Joey decided to make bruschetta to share with everyone, and so obviously I cut some bread & stole some of the garlicky tomato topping for myself!


We actually make the best bruschetta I’ve ever tasted in my life, and I try it all over the place. It’s such an easy, tasty vegetarian — and sometimes vegan! — option at restaurants that aren’t quite so veggie-friendly!]

We keep it real nice and simple. We chop up as many tomatoes as we can get our hands on, and sometimes throw in a splash of olive oil for fun. Then mince some fresh garlic [this is the key to great bruschetta — fresh garlic!], and add basil, salt & pepper to taste. Neither of us like onions, so we don’t even bother going there. We often add cheese to the top right before toasting lightly [in the oven or toaster oven] for a few minutes; tonight I used Athenos garlic & herb feta. Oh so delicious. Joey took the feta as well as fresh parmesan over to SpagTues to top the bruschetta with, for those who can eat dairy!

Speaking of dairy, like my cow?


I adopted this little guy and his twin brother at the grocery store when I was in need of oven mitts. I couldn’t pass them up!

Along with the bruschetta, I made pasta. Because one cannot have Spaghetti Tuesday without at least some kind of pasta. I chose tortellini.


Mainly because I had bought a big old package of it at Costco over the weekend, and I knew it was available for me to eat!


I’m currently staring at the computer screen and my open Language & Literature book, waiting to find the motivation to start [and hopefully finish!] this pile of crap homework that I need to get done. It will happen … right?